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The Sea Scout Base offers the following courses over the calendar year. A full list can be found under Scout Badge Courses if you Click Here.

Requirements: Be 13½ and hold Traveller, Swimming

One of the more relaxed and fun badge courses, the Lifesaver Course takes place at the Sea Scout Base and teaches scouts how to act in emergency situations, a skill that could potentially save lives one day.

Requirements: Be 12½ and hold Swimming

The junior version of Boatman, this is a requirement for those wishing to go on Boatman. Suggested for those younger scouts looking to become involved in Sea Scout courses.

Requirements: Be 14½ and hold Traveller, Swimming & Watermanship

Another fun Sea Scout course in which you will spend time on the water at the Sea Scout Base in a pulling (rowing) boat. Excellent for those who enjoy water activities and meeting new people. It counts towards the Bosun’s Chord too!

Requirements: Be 12½ and hold Swimming

Perfect for those younger scouts who are interested in going to more Sea Scout courses and who enjoy water activities, this course teaches the basics of sailing and is a requirement for the Helmsman Badge course.

Requirements: Be 14½ and hold Traveller, Swimming & Sailing

An exciting Sea Scout course held at the Sea Scout Base, where scouts are taught how to sail a Saldanha! Highly suggested for those interested in Sailing and who would like to improve their knowledge.

Requirements: Be 14½ and hold Discoverer & Swimming

An awesome Sea Scout Course, the Canoeist Badge course will take you on an adventure down a beautifully scenic river in a canoe or kayak. Plenty of excitement with rapids, sand banks and hidden spots to relax, as well as teaching you the ins and outs of canoeing.

Requirements: Be 15 and hold Discoverer

A Sea Scout course that teaches scouts how to maintain, repair and generally take care of a sailing or rowing boat. Suggested for scouts interested in sailing.

Please note that most of the Sea Scout Base courses above require scouts to hold the Swimming Badge at a bare minimum. Without it the application will fail. The onus is on the scout’s troop to ensure that courses for this badge are held as the Sea Scout Base does not offer it.

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