Guide Applications

It is here that any Girl Guides looking to take part in courses at the Sea Scout Base can apply. Please note that this is the only way you can do so. We will not accept emailed applications and such.

If you are a scout DO NOT use this method as it will force your application to be null and void.

Courses Offered and their Requirements

There are seven courses that Scouts and Guides have to choose from at the base and they can be viewed in greater detail on the Courses page on this website. Please ensure that you take special note of the requirements below as they are specific to Girl Guides.

Lifesaver: Be 13½ and hold Guide Water Safety Badge
Watermanship: Be 12½ and hold Guide Water Safety Badge
Boatman: Be 14½ and hold Guide Water Safety Badge & Watermanship
Sailing: Be 12½ and hold Guide Water Safety Badge
Helmsman: Be 14½ and hold Guide Water Safety Badge & Sailing
Canoeist: Be 14½ and hold Guide Water Safety Badge
Boatswain: Be 15

Applying for a Course

To apply for one of the above courses please click on it below and then complete the form that you will be taken to. It is in your interest to be as specific as possible as this will allow us to consider your application.


Each form from the courses above will be shut down after the closing date of each course and the data will be added to the scout applications. The form will then be reopened the following year in time for the next course.

If you would like the PDF version of the above, or would like to check out the information and documents available to you please go to the Resources page.

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