Watercharge Holders


This page is here for the Watercharge Holders of the Western Cape and is intended to aid you as much as is possible.

It will of course be kept as up to date as possible but for the time being you can find a few support items below.

To apply for the Watercharge course you will need to log in to your profile on Scouts.Digital and use the AMS platform.

Safe Scouting Policy
This policy provides responsibility and safety guidelines for all its members and where found to be necessary, includes certain regulations. It is included here as oppose to the Resources page as Watercharge Holders especially need to be aware of the rules and regulations. To download, click here.

There is a specific Watercharge calendar that is linked to the Sea Scout Base Calendar on this website. Once you fill out the information form you will be given administrative rights to it. This will allow you to mark off when you will be at the Sea Scout Base and available to Watercharge. This will allow scouts to be able to see when they can take advantage of opportunities and get some sailing in.

Watercharge Information Form
Should you have your Watercharge and would like to become part of the team then you can fill in the information form below:

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